out of the blue.

out of the blue
     without any sort of warning
     completely unexpected but
          welcome nonetheless
     like a sudden burst of rain on
          a hot summer day

you weren't there
     and then you were,
          an angel
     or, perhaps, just a dream
          a figment
     of my over-active and busy

but if you are a dream
     why are you still occupying
          my every thought?
     why are you all I can think
     why is your face in everything
          I see?

and if you are an angel, how can
     it be that you even exist
          in this world?
     for there are no angels, no
     are you as immaterial as
          are they?

no, you are something else
     something beautiful
          something wonderful
               something amazing
                    something pure     
                         something else

out of the blue
     with no warning, no chance
          to wonder
     you took my fragile heart in
          your hands
     you smiled your bright, shining

and where there once was
     nothing but emptiness and
     nothing but blacks and grays,
          now a burst of color
     where there was nothing, now
          there is you.

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