I look to the horizon
    so confident am I that
   my goal lies there, along with
  the satisfaction that
 surely must come with
a job well done

but as I move towards that
    beacon of hope and completion,
   it moves with me, never
  allowing me the opportunity
 to reach what I consider
to be my destination

and so, head down, I double
    my efforts and hope for
   the best, fully knowing that
  I am destined to fail, for
 the goalposts have been
moved, if they were ever there

but what other choice do I have
    but to trudge ever onward
   towards that which I will
  never reach, towards that
 which will always be 
transitory and elusive?

so, rationale in hand and
    strengthened resolve in my
   heart I take another step,
  and then another, so confident
 am I in my journey 
towards the horizon.

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