Wikipedia Black Hole, part one.

As it turns out, I don't need to be Alice chasing
     the White Rabbit into his burrow to get lost in my own
          private rabbit hole of curiosity and trivia, blindly
     chasing links that interest or amuse me, in much the same
way leafing randomly through a book of art might.

It starts innocently enough - "rabbit hole" leads to
     "burrow" which is a tunnel excavated by any number
          animals - rabbits, chipmunks, prairie dogs, moles -
     and the difference between vertebrate burrows and
those dug by invertebrates is not for the squeamish so

I'm off to learn about subterranean fauna, such as
     stygofauna and troglofauna, and the fascinating
          ecological and environmental classifications of
     each one, and how subterranean fauna have evolved
in isolation due to stratigraphic barriers, and that leads to

the New Zealand Speleological Society and their recreational
     caving activities, promoting cave conservation along with
          its counterparts the British Cave Research Association
     (and how fun would it be to explore caves in the UK!)
and the National Speleological Society, but hey what about

The Crown Minerals Act of 1991? It was here I learned that
     Xena: Warrior Princess (or at least the actress who
          portrayed her, Lucy Lawless) is a New Zealander
     and was opposed to the subsequent passage of the 2013
amendment that promoted increased prospecting and exploration

and also that her middle name is Frances, and that she is a 
     singer who played Rizzo in a Broadway revival of "Grease"
          which incidentally included additional songs written by
     Jon Farrar, the Australian producer who was largely
responsible for one of the albums from my formative years

"Physical" by Olivia Newton-John, who in addition to having a
     phenomenal singing voice, has been awarded both the 
          Order of Australia (AC) and the Most Excellent Order of the
     British Empire (DBE) which might explain why she has never
answered any of the love letters I've sent to her over the years

but neither has the Electric Light Orchestra, whom Livvy 
     (as her friends call her) worked with on the Xanadu soundtrack
          but in their defense, I've never actually written to
     Jeff Lynne or Bev Bevan or Roy Wood, and in actuality
I never wrote to Livvy either, I just said that to make the joke

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