Are we a puzzle to solve
          or has it all been puzzled out already?
Should I refrain from this exercise
          or has our refrain already been sung?

Are we officially sanctioned
          or will we face sanctions?
Will the divine oversee us
          or has there been some oversight?

Is this all we have left
          or have we left it all behind?
Am I just dust accumulating in your mind
          or have you already dusted away my memory?

Have I seeded your clouds with lustful rain
          or has my passion been seeded from your heart?
Shall I trim your life with my love
          or have your trimmed me from all you hold dear?

Am I resigned to be nothing to you
          or have I been resigned to your training squad?
Are the days moving too fast
          or should I hold fast to us?

Can you help me understand this?
          (sorry, I can't help being vague)
Are we really going anywhere 
          or is this whole thing about to go?

Are we bound for paradise
          or are we bound to fail?
Are we as solid as the proverbial rock
         or has our boat already begun to rock?

(This all strikes me as odd
          as if I'm awaiting my third strike)

Will you wear my love as a badge of honor
          or has it already begun to wear on you?
Are you going to wind me up
          or is this how we were always meant to wind up?

Will we weather this round
          or will we be weathered away?
Are we making history
          or are we history?

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