I often dwell
     as I’m wont to do
 on the memory of you, the memory
           of us
 of our first meeting in the
      produce aisle
          of our favorite store
 and lunch afterwards, where 
      I gave you my heart without
           even realizing it 

I often dwell  
      as I’m wont to do 
on the colour and the shape
          of you
the sound of your voice
     the touch of your hand
          the smell of your skin
               the taste of your mouth 
                   our first touch
              our first kiss
         our last kiss

I often dwell
     as I'm wont to do
on how it ended and why
          it had to end
 and how much I’d give to
      have the chance
           to go back in time
 (as if I were a science fiction character
      or the lovelorn protagonist in a movie)
and take you in my arms
           once more
     and look into your eyes
           hands in mine
                bodies pressed together
and tell you how much I would miss you
     if you ever left me
          because I know now
how much I miss you 
     every day
          every night
     and how much I need to
          how much I want to
be with you. 

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