Come at me, bro

I am not a fan of country music
     misogyny isn't really my jam
          but I'm glad it's yours

I don't care for scary horror movies
     life is scary enough and I'm envious
          that yours is less so

I do not enjoy discussing politics
     I can never convince you how wrong
          you are, nor will you convince me

Religious topics are a non-starter
     for me, it is such a highly personal thing to
          believe in an all-knowing Santa Claus

Dogs v. cats is such a silly discussion
     as if neither have anything going for them
          or against them, when it comes down to that

 I do not really care if you deny the fact that
     Die Hard is a Christmas movie equal to none
          we all celebrate the holidays differently

But don't you dare come into my house and declare
     the superiority of raised doughnuts over cake
          because if you do, then you had better be
     well-versed in sign language because you are
          about to catch these hands

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