three little words

how I would love to be able to
          hang a sign around my neck 
                    (three little words) and
     wear it outside to let everyone know
               that I am really not feeling it today
          and probably will not be feeling it
     tomorrow either
                    or even the day after that
          although I may be getting ahead of
                    myself there
               I would still like to inform you
          (in the general sense, not you specifically)
     that for today at least
          and most likely tomorrow as well
                    I will not be taking your calls
               I will not be answering your texts
          I will not be able to respond to your
                    questions or concerns
     which you would already know
               if you would only take a moment to
          focus not on my face, my mouth or my eyes
                    (and certainly not my nose, you know
                         how self-conscious I am about that)
               but rather if you could
     take but the briefest of moments to
          read the three little words around my neck
               announcing to anyone who takes the
                    time to notice these sort of things
     that I am currently
out of order.

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