O! to be so carefree as to be able to 

     curl up on some random spot
          on the rug and ignore the world
     stretch out on a favorite place
          on the sun-drenched wood floor
     wander the carpeted halls with
          no real worries, goals, stress, fear
     gaze lazily out the window until 
          that damn squirrel shows its face again
     bound out the glass door barely flung open
          yelling at the rabbits to clear the yard!
     appear as if a ghost at someone's side
          to receive an affectionate pat on the head
     pad up and down the stairs out of boredom
          (and not some imaginary steps goal)
     announce to the neighbors I'm here!
          from the other side of the backyard fence
     really anything other than
     what I'm doing now.

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